🌱✨ Embrace the February Gardening Vibes! ✨🌷

Gear up for a blooming month with these gardening tasks at #CampbellsGardenCentre! 🏡🌺
💦 Stay Hydrated: As temperatures rise, ensure your garden stays hydrated. Adjust your watering routine and mulch around plants to lock in moisture. 💧🌼 #NZGardening #WaterWiseGarden
🌿 Deadhead and Tidy: Give your garden some love by trimming back summer-flowering shrubs and perennials. Clear away debris to keep your outdoor space neat and thriving. ✂️🍃 #GardenMaintenanceNZ #pruningtime
🌺 Plant fuchsia, petunias, impatiens, echinacea, verbascum, verbena, alyssum, cosmos, arctotis, gazania, marigolds, nemesia, wallflower.
🍅 Foster healthy tomatoes by removing lower leaves, allowing more light to reach and ripen lower trusses of fruit. Remove any diseased leaves or fruit promptly for a thriving garden. 🍅🌞 #TomatoCare
🌱🚜 Currently, lawn weeds are thriving, fueled by the prolonged hot days. When mowing, consider leaving your lawn slightly taller to retain more moisture, creating a less favorable environment for weed growth.
Share your South Island garden adventures with us using #CampbellsGardenSouth! Happy Gardening, Southern Green Thumbs! 🌿👩‍🌾👨‍🌾 #FebruaryGardeningNZ #SouthernHemisphereGarden