CANNA Aqua Flores

CANNA Aqua Flores

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CANNA Aqua Flores – the complete nutrient solution for optimal flowering.

Aqua Flores Highlights:

  • Tailored for recirculating systems like NFT or ebb and flow, Aqua Flores provides all essential elements for a flourishing blooming phase.
  • In the vital generative phase, Aqua Flores ensures direct availability of necessary nutrients in the right quantities, stimulating fruit growth with a rich blend of potassium, phosphorous, and chelated trace elements.
  • Ease of use: Aqua Flores dissolves directly, and its unique composition eliminates the need for pH adjustments in re-circulating hydroponic systems.

Advantages of Aqua Flores:

  1. Optimal Nutrient Availability: Aqua Flores provides essential nutrients directly during the blooming phase, promoting vigorous fruit growth.
  2. Distinctive Flavor: Stimulates fructification, enhancing each plant's characteristic flavor.
  3. User-Friendly: Easy to use, dissolves directly, and perfectly suited for re-circulating hydroponic systems.

Why A&B Nutrients?

  • CANNA Aqua Flores nutrients are divided into A and B parts for a crucial reason – to prevent clogging and ensure optimal nutrient absorption. Add the A component first, followed by the B component.

Order CANNA Aqua Flores today for a vibrant blooming phase and a delightful harvest. Trust Campbells Garden Centre for expert-backed plant care.