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CANNA CALMAG AGENT, a revolutionary answer to soft water challenges arising from varying water qualities across Australia and New Zealand, especially for those using Reversed Osmosis water on COCO substrates.

Due to the diverse tap water qualities in Australia and New Zealand, we present CANNA CALMAG AGENT – a water conditioner and pH stabilizer expressly designed for COCO substrates. Our agent provides a carefully balanced mix of calcium and magnesium to supplement your nutrients. This product elevates the EC value of your water, offering stability for optimal plant feeding. It transforms soft water into the perfect base for your plants, facilitating comprehensive nutrient absorption for healthy and robust growth on a coco substrate.


  1. 🌱 Perfectly Suited for CANNA COCO Substrate: Tailored for optimal performance on CANNA COCO substrates, ensuring compatibility and effectiveness.

  2. 📐 pH Stabilization: Achieve consistent pH levels in your water, providing a stable environment for your plants to thrive.

  3. 🌿 Deficiency Prevention: Fewer deficiencies in calcium and magnesium, promoting a well-balanced nutrient profile for your plants.

  4. 🚀 Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: Stimulate better nutrient absorption, empowering your plants with the elements they need for robust growth.

  5. 💪 Stronger Plants: Fortify your plants against environmental stressors, resulting in healthier and more resilient vegetation.

  6. 🌸 Quality Flower Stimulation: Witness improved flower quality and quantity as your plants receive the ideal nutrient blend.

  7. ⚖️ EC Increase: Elevate the EC of your water, creating an enriched feeding solution for your plants.

Choose CANNA CALMAG AGENT for a transformative solution that ensures your plants receive the perfect balance of nutrients, setting the stage for unparalleled growth.