CANNA Coco A & B

CANNA Coco A & B

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CANNA Coco A & B – the ultimate professional nutrient for cultivating plants in coco.

Unlock the Power of CANNA Coco A & B:

  • Tailored for both growth and flowering phases, CANNA Coco A & B simplifies your gardening journey with one unique formulation, specifically designed for coco substrate.
  • Easy to use and dissolves directly, this nutrient is versatile and perfectly suited for various watering systems, including 'run-to-waste' systems, flood systems, and ebb and flow systems.

Rich in High-Value Elements:

  • Years of research into potting mixes, drainage, and leaf analysis have led to the development of CANNA COCO, composed of high-value minerals.
  • Enthusiastically embraced by growers worldwide, CANNA COCO's natural chelates enhance nutrient absorption, resulting in explosive growth and profuse flowering.

Why A&B Nutrients?

  • CANNA COCO nutrients are presented in two parts, A and B, to prevent clogging. Sequentially adding the A component followed by the B component ensures optimal nutrient absorption.

Order CANNA Coco A & B today from Campbells Garden Centre for vibrant growth and flourishing blooms. Trust us for expert-backed plant care delivered nationwide.